The restricted or unrestricted use and specific population of student beneficiaries noted below can be established by the donor with instructions given to the Catholic Education Foundation.  Student or family needs are based on FACTS Grant and Aid financial assessment.

If you are interested in learning more about creating a flexible, family-named fund, please contact the CEF Office with the following information: 

1) Initial Amount of Fund; 2) Specific Restriction for use of the fund; 3) Preference in promoting fund; and 4) Level of your preferred engagement with student or school.



Individual Students
$700 Grade Schooler; $1,000 High Schooler

Fields of InterestEntire Classroom
$5,000 - $10,000 - such as St. Rose School, Wilmington- underwrite the cost of multiple student scholarship in a school classroom or grade level for one year

Entire School
$25,000 - $100,000 - such as Holy Family Catholic School, Bensenville -underwrite the cost of all student scholarships for an entire school for one year

Donor Advised Fund
$10,000 minimum - such as the Special Needs Education Fund - serves as a charitable account for donors to support schools or religious education programs;  Some or all of the corpus can be used over multiple years.

Family-Named Scholarship Endowment
$25,000 minimum - such as the Kaiser Family Scholarship - creating an endowment (permanent fund) in the name of a family; only the interest income is used each year to support student scholarships; the corpus is not invaded and the fund remains in perpetuity

School Patron Program
$100,000 Multi-year (usually three years) underwriting of the cost of an extraordinary project or staff position in a diocesan elementary school

Business Scholarship Initiative for Students
(Amount TBD by Company) - such as the Buck Services Program  - Funding school scholarships for employee(s) child or children similar to an employee benefit

Field of Interest Options of Any Amount:
•Hispanic or Polish students
•Special Needs Education
•Students from Single Parent households
•Donor’s alma mater or the donor’s choice of parish school
•General scholarships for grade school or high school students


The Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) distributes more than 1,600 need-based scholarships each year. Eligible families with students K-12 are encouraged to apply for financial assistance to help cover the cost of tuition. These tuition assistance grants are determined on an annual basis and families must apply each year in order to be considered.  In 2017-18, the CEF distributed $2,130,297to 1,648 students in our Catholic elementary and high schools. Read More Here