Move Your Feet to Give a Child a Seat


* Walk a Loop around Your School with Students!

* Event has funded 164 NEW AWARDS since 2014!

* Every Dollar goes DIRECTLY to educate a Child in Need!

* Every Step taken helps to rasie awareness for hte need to support Catholic Education

* Helps to fill nearly 5,100 empty seats in our Catholic schools


On Friday, October 18, 2019, thousands of students across the diocese

joined the Move Your Feet campaign to raise awareness about our Catholic schools.


Below are pictures and videos from various participating schools.


St. Andrew the Apostle students stylin' during musical chairs.       

Mother Teresa Catholic Academy students brave the cold for a pic before walking a loop around their Crete, Illinois campus.

St. Raymond Cathedral kindergarten student beats out school superintendent in musical chairs... in the FIRST ROUND!

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Last year students from Holy Family School, Shorewood were MOVING THEIR FEET with their Pastor, Fr. Dennis Paul, his dog, and Diocesan School Superintendent Fr. John Belmonte, SJ.!




See the Video from St James School in Glen Ellyn -
St. James Pastor, Father David Hankus and Students are MOVING THEIR FEET!


See the Video with Highlights from the 2014 St. Irene School Move Your Feet Walk in Warrenville.


Read more below.

Highlights from a Herald News – Sun Times Article 

St. Raymond students march to raise awareness about Catholic education

 Published: Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014 11:06 p.m. CDT
JOLIET – Hundreds of students marched Friday outside St. Raymond Cathedral in Joliet to demonstrate the importance of Catholic education in the community. It was part of a widespread campaign across the Diocese of Joliet called “Move Your Feet to Give a Child a Seat,” to raise funds and awareness for Catholic education. Upward of 22,000 students, staff, parents and others marched Friday, said Joe Langenderfer, Executive Director of Catholic Education Foundation. 

Schools within the diocese face decreasing enrollment and church leaders want to make the public aware of the option for a Catholic education. As roughly 500 students from St. Raymond School marched Friday, the bell tower rang. Marching ahead was Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Siegel, who wanted to help spread awareness. “It’s a walk showing Catholic education is an important thing,” Siegel said about the campaign. “It should be [available] for everyone who wants to do it.” 

The Rev. Brad Baker said the education offered by the diocese forms the foundation of church membership and educates children on the spiritual aspect of the Catholic faith. The campaign is the brainchild of Eileen Healy, a member of the diocese’s Catholic Education Foundation member, Langenderfer said. “She was appalled at the fact that we were not at capacity, that we were the 21st largest Catholic school system in the United States and yet we have 4,600 empty seats,” he said. He said total enrollment for schools within the diocese is about 19,500. The schools have the capacity for enrollment of 24,000 he said. The number of students does pose a difficulty for Catholic church leaders. “Yeah, it’s a challenge but it’s not anything we can’t work through by getting the word out and raising awareness and helping more people with financial aid,” Langenderfer said. Catholic schools not only in Joliet but Wheaton, Downers Grove and Bensenville held walks, he said. All those locations are within the Diocese of Joliet.

Besides raising awareness, students at St. Raymond School helped fund the Catholic Education Foundation by donating $2 each, said Jennifer Groves, the school’s principal. The Catholic Education Foundation serves 30 families with students at the school and offers scholarships to students across the diocese to lower tuition costs. “That really gives a Catholic education for many students who [otherwise] are not able to come here,” Groves said.


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The Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) distributes more than 1,600 need-based scholarships each year. Eligible families with students K-12 are encouraged to apply for financial assistance to help cover the cost of tuition. These tuition assistance grants are determined on an annual basis and families must apply each year in order to be considered.  In 2017-18, the CEF distributed $2,130,297to 1,648 students in our Catholic elementary and high schools. Read More Here